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Panel Interview

Being interviewed by a panel of industry leaders is never easy, so it's important to be prepared. We offer a free prep class prior to your scheduled interview. Be sure to take advantage so you can ace your interview. For now, here's some best practices to keep in mind.

Before the Interview:
  1. PREPARE! Be sure to know about the position. What kinds of challenges are involved? What skills or qualities are required to do the job? Checking our requirements page is a good place to start your research.

  2. Some interview questions may require you to give examples that demonstrate your knowledge, skills, and abilities. Think of examples of current or prior work experiences that best demonstrate these skills. Know your own strengths, and the areas where you need to develop or improve.

  3. Look at the City of Glendale website and learn about the City, it's residents, and any noteworthy issues relating to Police work.

  4. Prepare an effective closing statement that highlights your abilities as they relate to the position you are interviewing for.

  5. Practice interviewing with another person. (Video yourself if possible.)

  6. Wear appropriate business attire.

  7. Be on time.​

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During the Interview:
  1. A panel will ask every candidate the same set of questions. They may ask follow-up questions based on your responses and/or your application.

  2. Interviews are typically 15 to 20 minutes. You will need to be concise with your responses. Your answers should generally take no more than 1 – 2 minutes per question.

  3. Don’t get distracted by panel members taking notes while you are talking. The panel will use these notes when evaluating you.

  4. Be friendly and enthusiastic during the interview.

  5. Listen carefully and allow the panel to complete the question before answering. If you are in doubt, ask for clarification.

  6. Don't rely solely on your application. No matter how well qualified you may appear to be on your application, you will still need to sell yourself in the interview.

  7. Be honest at all times.

  8. At the end of the interview, summarize your background and experience or share important information about your skills that you think were not discussed during the interview.




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