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Two police officers fist bumping smiling

What do Police Officers Do?

Lawfully. protect and serve the community

Investigate crimes and traffic accidents

Enforce laws without bias or prejudice

Perform crime prevention work

Patrol city streets, parks, homes, etc.

Handle emergency situations

No Two Days Are the Same

Whether you enjoy being at the forefront of law enforcement and preventing crime, or providing support to underserved members of the community, a day in the life of a police officer is fulfilling and purposeful.

Two officers conducting a sobriety test

From This...

You may find yourself stopping a vehicle as it drives through a residential neighborhood at 3 am, because it had a headlight that was not working. As you speak to the occupants, you quickly notice indications of intoxication. You ask them to step out of the vehicle and conduct a sobriety test.

Soon, the phone calls come into the police communications center, with residents reporting a drunk driver.

... to This

The Glendale Police Department is proud to hold an annual open house to invite the community to see the multiple facets that make up the police department. You have been asked to share your passion for your work with the residents who have come to learn more about the work you do as a police officer.


You smile as a little kid tells you he wants to be just like you when he grows up.

Two officers standing in front of a booth at the GPD Open House

Engaging with the Community

The Glendale Police Department’s Community, Outreach, Resources, and Engagement (C.O.R.E.) Team is recognized as a premier community oriented policing and problem solving unit. We provide community support for mental illness and homelessness outreach services. The Glendale Police Department’s C.O.R.E.'s programs are built on trust, treating others with respect, integrity, honesty, professionalism and commitment.

GPD Community Outreach team standing outside

Virtual Ride Along

Life on Duty





Always be honest and transparent:


During the recruitment process, the department will conduct a thorough background check. Be honest and transparent about any legal or personal issue. Being upfront about any issues will show your integrity and honesty.

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