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Police Communications Officer

What do Police Dispatchers Do?

Answer 911 telephone calls and texts

Communnicate with officers via radio

Coordinate multi-agency responses

Provide life saving instructions to callers

Complete criminal checks of subjects

Offer resources to the public

It's More than Answering 911 Calls 

As a Glendale Police Dispatcher, you will be part of the team who not only provides emergency services to the residents, business owners, and visitors of Glendale, but provides the highest level of community service.

Being the Lifeline

There is more to it when you speak the words, “911, what’s your emergency.” From the moment you answer someone’s call for help, the balance of life and death may be in your hands. From taking a call from someone whose family member has stopped breathing to assuring a frightened child home alone that police officers are on their way.

Seldom seen, but often heard, a dispatcher is always ready.

Communications Operator typing
Officer in a patrol car

You're Part of a Team

Some people may believe dispatchers are just confined to a room with a myriad of computer screens, radios, and phones in front of them. The reality is they are an essential part of our team who serve our community in several ways, like participating in community events throughout the year. 

Our Dispatchers are Heros

Average Response Time

Priority 1 Calls


911 Calls Per Year


Answered in 15 Sec or Less


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