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More Positions

The Glendale Police Department is made up of a team of professionals with diverse talents. Roles may vary on availability. Check the Official Job Bulletin for openings. 

The Police Cadet position is a temporary, unclassified, part-time position and consists of a variety of non-hazardous support functions at the Glendale Police Department, while attending college.

Police Cadets

The Forensic Biology Unit is responsible for the detection and identification of biological materials on evidentiary items; a process commonly known as “screening”. 

DNA Unit

An officer who moves from one agency to another, typically at a similar or higher rank, without having to repeat the entire training process.

Three officers standing outside posing for a photo

The Glendale Police Explorer program is a volunteer program for people who are14 - 21 years old. The program allows the Explorers to learn about police work and prepare for a rewarding career in law enforcement. 

Group of five explorers

A custody officer is an individual responsible for the safety, care, and supervision of individuals who are being held in police custody or detention.

Glendale Police Department

A law enforcement officer who performs many of the same duties as a regular officer on a part-time, intermittent, or emergency basis.

Officer in a patrol car
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