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Be The Difference

We are looking for people who want to make a difference in people's lives and they community they serve. 

Creative thinking, ethical decision making, and maturity are traits we are looking for in those looking to join our team. 

See what our department offers in terms of culture and training 

A group of 5 GPD men and women standing around a motorcycle.

Meet the command staff who lead the men and women of GPD

The Chief of Police swearing in officers
The City Hall Building on a partly cloudy day

Learn more about the City of Glendale and why people live here

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Why Glendale PD?

The Glendale Police Department offers a generous employment package consisting of great salary and benefits

Police Cadet
$15.58 - $18.29

Police Officer
Up to $157,938 Annually

Communications Lateral

The Road to the Shield

Becoming a police officer at the Glendale Police Department is a lengthy, but extremely important process. We want professionals with a strong work ethic who desire to be part of a team, are community and service orientated, and have strong communication skills.

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Apply Online

Your journey to becoming a police recruit begins when you apply online to GPD by clicking "Apply Now."

Track Running Facility


Written & Physical Test

The written exam covers necessary language requirements. The Physical Agility Test (PAT) determines if you're fit enough to join the force.


Panel Interview

Being interviewed by a panel of Industry leaders is never easy, so it's important to be prepared. We offer free classes to help out!


Background Check

These tests help determine if applicants meet the high standards required to join GPD.

Business Handshake


Interview with Police Chief

GPD succeeds as a team. This interview with the Police Chief will help determine if you're a good fit for the force.


Psychological Exams

Two psychological exams focus on how candidates make decisions. This process includes a written test followed by a psychologist interview 


Medical Exam

A quick medical examination ensures that candidates can perform the essential functions of the job.

Cops in ceremony.jpg


Become a Recruit

Celebrate becoming a Glendale Police Recruit! You'll spend 6 months training at the police academy before taking the streets as a full-fledged GPD Officer.

Female Officers Group Photo

Have some questions before you apply? Fill in your information below to get in touch with a recruiter.

A virtual rendering of the Glendale Police Department

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Be prepared to demonstrate your problem-solving skills:


Being able to think critically and solve problems is essential for a police officer. During the recruitment process, be prepared to demonstrate your problem-solving skills by answering hypothetical scenarios or real-life situations.

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